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Behavioural Therapy and Family Support Services

Individual and group-based interventions rooted in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Children Playing

Sea to Sky Behaviour and Learning offers programs that target key skills in language and communication, social skills, self regulation, play skills, functional life skills, academics and literacy. Interventions can also include behaviour support plans to address challenging behaviours. 


Sea to Sky Behaviour and Learning was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing a wide range of exemplary services for children with special needs and their families within the entire Sea to Sky Corridor. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Understanding that each child is unique, we are committed to providing high quality, individualized services based on evidence-based practices. We celebrate each and every success with our kids and their families, and love seeing them learn and grow. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our families and community.

Our Staff


Sylvia Hunter, M.Ed., BCBA

Director & Lead Behaviour Analyst

I love working with children and young people, and truly value their unique energy and perspectives on life. I have worked with children aged 2-18 with Autism and developmental disabilities for 15 years. I am passionate about helping families and kids learn and grow in ways that are meaningful to them and will improve their quality of life.

I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and I have a Masters in Education in Special Education from UBC as well as Bachelor of Science in Psychology from University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. I am on the Registry of Autism Providers (RASP) in BC. I provide early intervention services as well as services for school aged children. I love teaching through play and using my creativity to come up with fun and engaging learning activities for kids that are rooted in evidence-based practices.
I am particularly interested in social and emotional learning in kids, and firmly believe that children will learn and grow to be their best if they can manage emotions and feelings and form meaningful relationships with others. I have experience running PEERS and Children’s Friendship Training Programs, as well as training in social thinking. I have also engaged in ongoing training in Acceptance and Commitment Training as a means of supporting children and young people with anxiety and other social-emotional challenges.  

I live in Squamish with my partner Dan, our kids Rylan and Evie and our dog Rue. We are so grateful to be a part of this amazing community. Our family loves getting out for hikes and bike rides and enjoy all the amazing things Squamish has to offer.   

About Us

I love working with children. I enjoy finding that spark in each individual. I have been working with children ages 2-18 since graduating from York University in 2009. I have worked as a Youth Working in treatment foster care, as an Early Childhood Educator, and as an Educational Assistant in the school system. I found my passion was working with children with developmental disabilities and complex needs. I decided to specialize in Autism and found work as a behaviour interventionist.

I am working toward my BCaBA certification (Board Certified assistant Behaviour Analyst). I graduated in June 2020 from Capilano University from the Applied Behaviour Analysis-Autism program.

I have lived in the Sea to Sky corridor since 2011. I currently live in Squamish with my husband Mike and our dog Mylee. We enjoy skiing, biking and hiking. We are grateful to live in this wonderful community.

Melissa Lenz

Assistant Director & Assistant Behaviour Analyst

Eman Elsayed.jpg

Teaching children is my life's mission. This is not just a job to me. This is something that I need to do in a daily basis. All children are precious, but I'm particularly drawn to helping those who need it the most.

I was first introduced to the field of special education in 2006. I received my Bachelor’s degree in special education and continued for 2 years of graduate study with a focus on autism spectrum disorder. I then worked as a Special Education teacher for children diagnosed with ASD around the world (Egypt and Dubai) for 12 successful years. I continued to expand my knowledge by starting my Masters program in Applied Behavior Analysis with Arizona State University, aiming to graduate in spring 2024. I have a strong interest in early intervention and successful inclusion of children with autism in early development programs. One of my strengths is working with children aged 2 to 8 years old.

Currently, I am working as a Senior Behaviour Support and facilitating learning in home-based, clinic-based, and preschool environments. I am working to obtain my Board-Certified Behavior Analyst certification in 2024.

I have lived in Squamish since 2019 with my husband Khaled and my son Omar. We are so grateful to live in this beautiful and wonderful community.

Eman Elsayed

Senior Behaviour Support

Aubry Crowder.JPG

I enjoy making folks laugh –– especially when those folks are kids! I have been working and laughing alongside young people since 2014 when I began assisting a theater and arts camp for neurodivergent children.  I have also worked in a daycare, as a personal care attendant, and as of early 2021, have been enjoying my time with Sea to Sky Behaviour and Learning. Each of these spaces has ingrained in me the importance of excitement for learning, compassion for others, and the ongoing exercise of trying to understand one’s self. 


I am a recent graduate of Quest University Canada, where I studied psychology and neuroscience, with a focus on the biological basis of behaviour, particularly within the nervous system. My interest in the nervous system has left me itching for a future of med school, neurology, and beyond. In the meantime, I am rewarded by my experience working here as a BI, heading Minecraft groups, and providing game master services for our D&D social groups!


When I am not studying or hanging out with young people, I can be found hiking the Chief, swimming in a lake, or solving fun math puzzles. How lucky we are to call these lakes and forests and mountains our home!

Aubrey Crowder

Lead Behaviour Support Worker

Danielle Soto.jpeg

I enjoy working with youth. I have experience working with children ages 3-18 years old for over 5 years. I have attended Capilano University and Graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. 


I have worked as an after-school and camp Supervisor for Squamish Nation, an Education Assistant in School Districts 44 and 48 and as a Youth Life Skills Worker, helping youth who are neurodivergent at Sea to Sky Community Services Society. 

I am currently working as an Behaviour Interventionist here at Sea to Sky Behaviour and Learning. 


I live in Squamish and I enjoy kickboxing, gaming, and learning new skills. 

Danielle Soto

Behaviour Interventionist

Ryan Schissler Profile.jpeg

I really love working with kids of all ages. Coming from an outdoor education and guiding background, I have worked with people of all ages teaching both technical outdoor skills and behavioral skills critical in social and group settings since 2011.


I aim to create a fun and safe environment where students feel comfortable trying new things while helping to build essential physical, social, and behavioral regulation skills.

I recently completed a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Thompson Rivers University majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology, with goals of pursuing a Master’s in Physiotherapy.


I am super excited to take my education and experience into my role as a Behaviour Interventionist.

Ryan Schissler

Behaviour Interventionist


I have been drawn to working with kids since the start of my career. In 2005 I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Victoria with a major in Psychology and a special interest in child psychology, in particular neurodivergent individuals. I began during my undergrad working with the Let's Face It program and continued working privately with families in the Lower Mainland. 

My career later shifted to the natural resource management industry after graduating in the Renewable Resources Program for Fish, Wildlife and Recreation from BCIT, but quickly returned to working with school-aged children in interpretive work and eventually outdoor-based education. Over the years, I have continually found myself in roles that combine child education with program coordination, particularly in the not-for-profit sector. I am excited to have found myself in this role with Sea to Sky Behaviour and Learning where I hope to bring my eclectic skill set and knowledge to the families we work with.

I feel fortunate to have called Sḵwx̱wú7mesh my home since 2015 where I enjoy hiking and biking on our beautiful trails. I live here with my three incredible daughters Naia, Mylo and Livy and our two crazy cats.

Sharee Dubowits

Coordinator of Services


Behaviour analysis refers to the science of behaviour - anything that a person does that can be observed. Some examples of behaviour include answering the phone, turning of the alarm clock or waving goodbye. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is the application of behaviour analytic (learning) methods as validated by scientific research to socially significant behaviours. These behaviours may include language and communication, social skills, emotional regulation and adaptive life skills such as toileting, eating and sleep. Behaviour analysts are primarily concerned with understanding the environment in which a behaviour occurs by looking at the events that occur both before (antecedent) and after (consequences) a behaviour, in an effort to understand why a behaviour is happening. Positive consequences (reinforcement) is provided to teach important new skills, while no reinforcement is provided for challenging behaviours, making these less likely to occur in future. While behaviour analysis is often used in treatment plans for individuals with disabilities, it is also prominent in a wide range of other fields including organizational business management, human resources, education, sports and the environment.

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